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SWEET 2022 ( Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Trade Fair)
7.6.(Wed)~8.(Fri) 2022 / 3 Days
Kimdaejung Convention Center, Korea
30 Countries, 250 Companies, 600 Booths
Hosted by
Organized by
김대중컨벤션센터      Kotra     한국에너지공단_광주전남지역본부    
KEPCO      KOSPO      ICHNP      KOEN      KOMIPO      WP      EWP      KOGAS
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / KEPCO KDN / KEPCO KPS / Korea Power Exchange / Co. Energy-valley Forum / Korea Solar Energy Development Association / Korea District Heating Corporation / Korea Energy Economics Institute / Korea Institute of Energy Research / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology / Korea Electro-Technology Research Institute / Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning / Korea New&Renewable Energy / Korea Electric Engineers Association / Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers / Korea Photovoltaic Society / Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy / Korean Solar Energy Society / Korea Wind Energy Association / Dongshin University / Konyang University / Korea Battery Industry Association / Korea Institute of Materials Science / Korea Energy Storage System Industry Development Association / Gwangju Technopark / Jeonnam Technopark / Jeonbuk Technopark / Busan Technopark / Chungnam Technopark / Chungbuk Technopark / Gyeongnam Technopark / Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology / Green Energy Institute / Energy Valley Enterprise Development Institute / New&Renewable Energy Material Development Center / Korea Electronics Technology Institute / Korea Green Industry Research Association / Korea Photonics Technology Institute / Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership / Korea Foundation for Corporata of Large&Small Business / Gwangju Science & Technology / Jeollabukdo Business Agency / Bitgaram Creative Center of Economy Innovation / Gwangju Economic Employment Agency
Exhibition Fields
Street lamp / Module / Cell Construction Operation Service / System / Raw Material / Inverter / Production Equipment / Ray Measurement Testing Analysis Device / Clean –ESD Protection Devices / Ingot-Water
Wind Power
Parts Manufacture / Wind Power System Development / Offshore Wind Power Development
Secondary cell
Lithium Ion Battery / Polymer Battery / Lead Acid Battery / Nickel Cadmium Battery / Nickel Metal Hydrogen Battery
Power Transmission & Distribution
Electrical cable / Surge / Electric Power Analyzer Surge Protective Device / Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Energy Efficiency Improvement
Boiler / High-efficiency Light / LED / Insulator / Hybrid Car High-Efficiency Home Appliance / Power Supply Management Equipment / Geothermal Air Conditioning and Heating System Construction / Manufacturing Heat Pump production etc
Smart Grid
Intelligent Transit (Electric car, Charger, Battery, Motor) / Intelligent New Renewable Energy (Sunlight, Wind Power, Mass Data Storage Device)
Bio & Unused Energy
Unused Energy / Lignocellulosic Biomass / Bio-Diesel / Bio- Ethanol / Biogas
Hydrogen Production / Hydrogen Storage / Hydrogen Carriage and Charge Infrastructure
Ocean & Small Hydro Power
Tidal Electric Power Generation / Tidal Stream Power Generation /Wave – force Generation / Ocean Thermal Difference Generation
Generating Plant and Materials / Power Control / Software connected with EMS / Reduction Equipment of Greenhouse Gas